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Dennis Ross

Dennis Ross is the owner and operator of D-Day and World War II Tours of Europe, a subsidiary of Custom Euro Tours. He has over 30 years’ experience in the travel business. Mr. Ross has worked with actual veterans over the past 20 years developing custom group tours escorting them back through their old battlefields of Europe. From northern Africa all the way East to the River Elbe and north into Normandy. Many of the Veterans Mr. Ross has worked with have requested their tour be designed to retrace their footsteps in Europe during WWII.

A native Scotsman, Dennis spent seven years in the British Army where his travels inspired his career in tourism. After an honorable discharge in 1972, he spent two decades in Germany learning the tour business from the ground up.

He began as a tour bus driver, then studied tourism and became a registered member of the IATM. Dennis was a freelance tour operator working for prominent European tour companies and was subsequently hired by one to be its operations manager overseeing special groups.

In 1989, Dennis started Custom Euro Tours, conducting tours to the US for one of the largest British tour companies in the UK. Dennis lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Cheryl who helps Dennis run the busy business. Dennis specializes in custom WWII group tours for Americans wanting to visit the battlefields of Europe.

World War II Tours of Europe
Las Vegas, NV a U.S. based, owned and operated company.
Tel: 702-586-7330

For additional information visit: http://worldwar2toursofeurope.com/

Contact details can be found at:http://worldwar2toursofeurope.com/contact_us.htm

Dennis Ross

Dennis Ross

D-Day Tour Normandy

D-Day Tour Normandy

Custom Euro Tour Presidential Invitation to 65th D-Day Anniversary at OmahaBeach AmericanMilitary Cemetery, June 6, 2009

Custom Euro Tour Presidential Invitation to 65th
D-Day Anniversary at Omaha Beach American Military Cemetery, June 6, 2009

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