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Normandy Veteran Articles’ Archive

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The following are links to interesting articles about Normandy 1939-1944 and Normandy Veterans:

Normandy; Veteran; Ranville Cemetery; Normandy;

If you can provide links to any published articles relating to Normandy 1939-1944 and Normandy veterans, please add the link to the ‘leave a comment below’ box at the end of this page. All contributors will be acknowledged at the bottom of this page.

Thank you.

This section is an archive for articles that have previously been shared via the Fallen Heroes of Normandy facebook page.


28th December 2013. Daily Mail. Man who was given just three months to live after being hit by a shell during the Second World War celebrates his 100th birthday.15

30th September 2013. Mirror. World War 2 D-Day dummy parachutist found in GARDEN SHED.10

24th September 2013. Mail Online. Haunting reminder of millions of lives lost in war as artists stencil 9,000  bodies onto Normandy beach to mark Peace Day.1

19th July 2013. The Scotsman. Normandy: Veterans asked to tell their stories.14

3rd July 2013. The Independent. i Assistant Editor’s Letter: Pledging our support to the few remaining veterans.1

2nd July 2013. CBS New York. Purple Heart Returned To World War II Hero’s Family On Long Island.10

21st June 2013. The Frederick News-Post. D-Day articles recognized veterans.1

19th June 2013. Mail Online. The ruins of Normandy: Unpublished color photos taken in northern France in 1944  show the devastating impact of the Allied Force’s battle to defeat the Nazis in  World War 2.1

13th June 2013. The American Legion. Farewell to the Fallen.1

10th June 2010. The American Legion. Commander Unveils Monument in Normandy.1

9th June 2013. Knoxnews.com. Fred Brown: Normandy veterans’ eyes reflect acknowledgement of heroes.1

8th June 2013. The American Legion. Commander Honors Fallen at Brittany.1

7th June 2013. The Independent. Normandy Voices: Wartime voices will be rescued for posterity.1

7th June 2013. The Independent. Last Normandy veterans mark comrades’ loss.1

undated June 2013. The New York Times. Remembering The 320th Anti-Aircraft Barrage Balloon Battalion (photo gallery).1

undated June 2013. CNN. Photos: The Allied invasion of Normandy.1

6th June 2013. Shropshire Star. June 6, 1944. A day brave heroes will never forget.1

6th June 2013. US News. 69 Years Ago Today, the Allies Launched Massive Normandy Invasion on D-Day.1

6th June 2013. Mail Online. Back on the beaches one final time: D-Day heroes return to Normandy to mark the  69th anniversary of the landings.1

6th June 2013. War History Online. WWII D-Day Assault Normandy Invasion (Footage!).1

6th June 2013. USA Today. D-Day anniversary commemorations begin in France.1

5th June 2013. CNN. By the numbers: U.S. war veterans.1

5th June 2013. CNN. Before and after D-Day: Color photos from England and France, 1944.1

5th June 2013. The Telegraph. D-Day anniversary: offshore wind farms at Normandy ‘will desecrate site’.1

5th June 2013. The independent. Lest we forget: The Normandy campaign 69 years on.1

5th June 2013. The Independent. Normandy Voices: Driver Mechanic Gordon Hornsby.1

5th June 2013. The Independent. Normandy Voices: Captain Ian Hammerton.1

5th June 2013. The Independent. Normandy Voices: Private Vic Mackenzie.1

31st May 2013. The Guardian. D-Day landings: coming to you via Twitter and 24-hour TV.1

7th May 2013. The Irish Times. Government  apologises to WWII veterans.1

7th May 2013. The Telegraph. Ireland pardons Second World War soldiers who left to fight Nazis.1

26th April 2013. Daily Record. Scots D-Day veteran in hunt for families of fallen comrades as village plans tribute.11

26th April 2013. nrToday. World War II veteran and legendary fly fisherman Frank Moore will be filmed on return to France, Luxembourg.10

9th April 2013. Hertfordshire Mercury. A D-DAY veteran celebrated his 103rd birthday with his family by his side in a care home in Hertford.1

5th April 2013. The Independent. Will they site them on the beaches? D-Day for veterans’ fight to stop Normandy wind farms.1

13th March 2013. Shropshire Star. Horrors of war recalled as brave Normandy veteran from Shropshire finally falls.12

6th March, 2103. BBC News Magazine. When Ian Fleming picked my grandfather to steal Nazi secrets.13

22nd Feb 2013. ActionNewsJax.com. Canteen lost in WWII returned to local war hero.9

18th Feb 2013. Daily Herald. Schaumburg D-Day veteran to be knighted by the French.8

12th Feb 2013. Mail Online. Mystery Good Samaritan gives £24,000 to D-Day veteran, 88, and his wife after  Prudential refused to pay out for collapsed wall.7

8th Feb 2013. Mail Online. WWII hero, 93, who evaded Nazis in stolen car after missing Dunkirk evacuation  and later survived D-Day landings is FINALLY honoured with medals. 7

14th Jan 2013. Norwich Advertiser. Normandy Veterans get a cash boost from store. 1

9th Jan 2013. The Wall Street Jurnal. NY Navy vet gets belated honors for D-Day heroics. 1

5th Jan 2013. Yorkshire Evening Post. Leeds nostalgia: D-Day beaches were hell on earth. 3

Veteran; Normandy; Ranville Cemetery; Ray Shuck, William Higgs,


19th Dec 2012. Ministry of Defence Announcement. Recognition for veterans of Arctic Convoys and Bomber Command. 1

15th Dec 2012. Liverpool Echo. Poignant return to Normandy for Merseyside D-Day veteran 1

15th Nov 2012. The Province. Pilot’s heroics matched by respect for his comrades 1

12th Nov 2012. Daily Mirror. Unforgettable: Remembering war heroes in historic Dieppe. 1

11th Nov 2012. Toronto Sun. Remembrance Day war sites in Normandy. 2

11th Nov 2012. The Province. A D-Day frozen in Memory. 1

10th Nov 2012. The Enquirer Journal. Vet recalls push from Normandy to Berlin. 1

10th Nov 2012. The Province. White Rock glider pilot the first to land in Normandy on D-Day. 1

10th Nov 2012. BBC News. Southampton WWII poet discovered after 70 years. 2

9th November 2012. pjstar.com. World War II veteran recalls harrowing rescue in France, Jack Verbout of Neponset was saved by French Resistance. 1

9th November 2012. McDonoughVoice.com. Heroine of French Resisitance seaved Neponset vet from Germans. 1

1st Nov 2012. EDP24. As you help to send Norfolk’s veterans on poignant return to Normandy, one Norwich man tells his story. 1

27th Oct 2012. Winnipeg Free Press. War and memory: In 11 bloody months, Canadians left an enormous mark in the campaign to liberate northwest Europe. 1

25th Oct 2012. The New York Times. Chester Hansen, a Rare Diarist of World War II, Dies at 95.1

5th Oct 2012. Mail Online. For the love of Vera: D-Day Lancaster bomber crew identified 68 years on by poignant inscription on dead airman’s ring. 1

26th Sept 2012. EDP24. Normandy Veteran Reg Burge revisits D Day memories. 1

20th Sep 2012. BBC News. Durham Normandy veterans association disbands. 1

11th Sep 2012. CatholicPhilly.com. D-Day invasion’s youngest ‘traffic cop’ dies at 92. 12

20th Aug 2012. Daily Echo. Normandy veterans’ secret of long life is ‘placing trust in folks’. 2

19th Aug 2012. The New York Times. A Day for Canada’s Fallen In a Lesser-Known Battle. 1

14th August 2012. Business Insider Military & Defense. D-Day fighting was so intense that 4% of Normandy’s beach is still shrapnel.1

5th August 2012.  Herald Arts & Life. Veteran learns fate of friend  60 years after wartime capture.1 (Video interview with veteran Roy Walker)6

13th Jun 2012. The Press (York). D-Day Veterans in emotional return to Normandy beaches. 1

30th May 2012. The Washington Post. Bob Slaughter, D-Day veteran who helped create National Memorial in Bedford,Va. 1

8th May 2012. The Press (York). Normandy Landings Veterans on parade in York.  1

18th April 2012. Mail Online. Bing, the dog of war who parachuted into France to become a D-Day hero.1

26th Feb 2012. Bishopthorpe News and Views. Freedom of Entry – York Normandy Veterans. 1

13th Feb 2012. Mail Online. Life on the front lines: Extremely rare colour photos of U.S. troops before and  after D-Day show World War II in brand new light.1

Medals; Normandy; Veteran;    Medals; Normandy; Veteran;


18th Oct 2011. Mail Online. D-Day veterans who fought side-by-side on beaches of Normandy reunited after  chance meeting on same beach 67 years later. 1

7th Oct 2011. News & Star. Cumbrian Normandy Veterans’ Association disbands due to falling membership. 1

21st Jul 2011. The Independent. Liberated at last, the war medals stolen from a Normandy veteran. 1

17th July 2011. The Telegraph. Nicolas Sarkozy criticised for approving wind farm on D-Day coast.1

13th Jun 2011. Bury Free Press. Normandy veterans honour fallen comrades.

6th June 2011. Mail Online. ‘I’m laying with six dead guys around me’: D-Day veteran recalls the day he  stormed Normandy beach in World War II turning point. 1

26th May 2011. The Guardian. 9 June 1944: Into action with the gliders in Normandy. 1

6th Jan 2011. Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal. France Honors Normandy Veteran. 1

     Medals, Normandy Veteran      Medals; Normandy; Veteran;


29th December 2010. War veteran, 91, who never gave up the fight to keep memories alive. 1

7th December 2010. ABC 13 News. Remembering World War II Glider Pilots. 1

2nd October 2012. The New York Times. World War II Memories, and an Instant Connection.1

20th July 2010. Swindon Advertiser. Memorial for Wiltshire’s Normandy veterans. 1

22nd Jun 2010. Pits n Pots. Normandy Veterans To Lower Their Standard For The Final Time. 1

4th May 2010. Spiegal Online. The Horror of D-Day: A New Openness to Discussing Allied War Crimes in WWII.1

                  Medals 3 600px   Medals; Normandy; Veteran;   Medals; Normandy; Veteran;


5th December 2009. Mirror. Richard Todd: Dam Busters star and war hero dies aged 90. 12

15th Nov 2009. D-Day Daughter (a personal blog). Honoring the greatest generation. 4

8th June 2009. Mail Online. Back on the beaches for the last time: D-Day  heroes who still hear the cries of fallen comrades (pity that British  penny-pinching meant the band was German)1

8th Jun 2009. Birmingham Post. Birmingham Normandy veteran hails unbreakable spirit of comrades. 1

5th Jun 2009. The Telegraph. D-Day 65 years on: My return to Normandy. 1

3rd Jun 2009. Mail Online. The untold brutality of D-Day: Antony Beevor on the carnage suffered on the beaches of Normandy.1

30th May 2009. The Independent. D-Day Anniverary: ‘I was shot by a dead German soldier’.  5

Medals; Normandy; Veteran;


7th June 2004. The Telegraph. Para killed defending vital crossroads joined up at 14.1

Veteran; Normandy; Ranville Cemetery;Contributors of links to articles:

1: Carl Shilleto  2: Irena Zientek  3: Guild of Battlefield Guides facebook page
4: Louise Doucette Johnson  5: Amanda Wood-Woolley
6: Al Cameron (Founder Veterans Voices of Canada)  7: David McCormack
8: Laurent Lefebvre 9: War History Online  10: Battlefield Tours 11: Paul Reed 12: Chelsey Kisa 13: Paul Woodadge 14: Stuart Robertson 15: Michael Leadbitter

If you can provide links to any interesting articles about Normandy veterans, please add details and link below.

Please report any broken links in ‘leave a comment below’ box at the end of this page.

Written by Carl Shilleto

6 January 2013 at 6:33 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Fantastic site Carl, my Dad landed on Juno beach with the RASC and was wounded after 6 weeks in the battle for Caen.

    Pat Quinn

    26 June 2015 at 9:50 am

  2. My father Joe Collins, served with the 13th/18th Royal Hussars at D-Day as a tank driver. He drove an amphibious Sherman Tank, one of Hobart’s Funnies. He could not swim and spent extra time practising how to evacuate a tank if it sank. One of his comrades was an excellent swimmer. On the day the sea was rough and the tanks were floated about 5000 yds offshore. My father’s tank was quickly swamped by the waves and began to sink. He got off and his comrade, the swimmer stayed with the tank and tragically drowned as the tank went down. My father “swam” on his back the whole 5000 yds to the beach. As far as I know he never swam ever again. He had many lucky escapes from death after that and in my mind was a true hero. At 21 he was just a boy yet conquered what must have been massive fears to survive. May he rest in peace.

    Frank Collins

    6 June 2014 at 9:29 am

  3. A really great site Carl. It looks great.

    Michael Leadbitter

    11 January 2013 at 11:33 pm

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