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Gary McKay


Gary McKay is the tour operator and a guide for Canadian Battlefield Tours WW1 & WW2


To further the education of Canadians about our Military History and to honour the brave Canadians who took part…

Company Overview

We offer personalized, custom Battlefield Tours for Canadians wishing to retrace the footsteps of our Canadian heroes who fought in WW1 and WW2. We are a one-of-a-kind company specializing in small intimate group tours from 1 to 6 people. We do occasionally accomodate larger groups as well as bus tours up to 40 people but our specialty remains with the smaller groups.

We own a B&B (http://www.shandalee.com) as well as 2 Subway franchises in Lochem, Holland, where we base our operations in Europe. Description Our tours cover all the major and minor battles of WW1, following in the footsteps of Canadians as well as my great uncle, who was one of the highest decorated soldiers of the War. See Uncle Ned’s story on our website http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca.

We also tour all the areas of NW Europe of WW2, from the beaches of Normandy; to the Battle of the Scheldt; Battle of the Rhine and the Liberation of Holland. We offer a very unique tour of Stalag V111B- Lamsdorf, where the Dieppe Canadians were interned, as well as their Death March (1000 km’s-100 days) where 500 prisoners started the march and only 51 survived. This March took place during one of the worst winters in European history. See the website for all the details of our tours as well as a number of optional tours, such as Operation Market Garden (A Bridge Too Far)


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